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Anonymous on the road to Immortality P2

28 de Maio de 2011


Sarah Palin

On December 8, Sarah Palin announced that her website and personal credit card information were compromised. Palin’s team believed the attack was executed by Anonymous, though Anonymous never tweeted anything about choosing Palin as a target for the DDoS attack. An Anonymous member has stated “Wedon’t really care about Sarah Palin that much, to be honest. I don’t really know what she’s trying to accomplish or what attention she is trying to gain. We personally don’t care about Sarah Palin

Her technical team posted a screenshot of a server log file showing the URL Visa attacks had been denial of service attacks, but credit card data was not compromised. It is unknown whether Palin’s card was compromised as part of a broad attack on Visa or a specific attack on the Palins. Sarah Palin’s email had already been hacked by a member of Anonymous in 2008.

Operation Avenge Assange

In December 2010, WikiLeaks came under intense pressure to stop publishing secret United States diplomatic cables. Corporations such as Amazon, PayPalBankAmerica,  PostFinance,  MasterCard and  Visa either stopped working with or froze donations to WikiLeaks, some due to political pressures. In response, those behind Operation Payback directed their activities against these companies for dropping support to WikiLeaks. Operation Payback launched DDoS attacks against PayPal, the Swiss bank PostFinance and the Swedish Prosecution Authority. On 8 December 2010, a coordinated DDoS attack by Operation Payback brought down both the MasterCard and Visa websites. On 9th December 2010, prior to a sustained DDoS attack on the Paypal website that caused a minor slowdown to their service, Paypal announced on its blog that they would release all remaining funds in the account of the Wau Holland Foundation that was raising funds for WikiLeaks, but would not reactivate the account. Regarding the attacks, WikiLeaks spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson denied any relation to the group and said: “We neither condemn nor applaud these attacks. We believe they are a reflection of public opinion on the actions of the targets.” On the same day, a 16-year-old boy was arrested in The HagueNetherlands, in connection with the distributed denial-of-service attacks against MasterCard and PayPal. The boy was an IRC operator under the nickname of Jeroenz0r.

On 10 December 2010, The Daily Telegraph reported that Anonymous had threatened to disrupt British government websites if Assange were extradited to Sweden. Anonymous issued a press release in an attempt to clarify the issue. Electronic Frontier Foundation co-founder John Perry Barlow described the attacks as “the shot heard round the world—this is Lexington.”

Operation Payback’s attempt to take down was aborted after it failed to make a significant impact on that site’s performance. The failed DDoS attack has been attributed to Amazon’s massive server capacity, which is normally used to handle the excessive traffic during the December holiday shopping season.

In late December the FBI began to raid suspected participants in Operation Payback.

On January 3, 2011, Anonymous brought down Zimbabwean government websites after the Zimbabwean President’s wife sued a newspaper for US $15 million for publishing a WikiLeaks cable that linked her with the alleged trade in illicit diamonds. On January 27, 2011, five males aged between 15 and 26 were arrested in early morning raids in the U.K. onsuspicion of involvement and 40 search warrants were executed on the same
day by the FBI.

Several Uge sucess parts of Operation Payback;

Operation Paperstorm

Although Operation Payback succeeded in bringing our protest to the public’s attention, Anonymous felt that it was time to move into the offline world. To this end, Operation Paperstorm is engaging in a viral messaging blitz in metropolitan areas throughout the world. By doing so, it will bring Anonymous, Wikileaks, and Internet freedom as a whole to the attention of not just the internet-savvy crowd, but that of the whole populace.

For more information, go to:

4 Reasons to Close Your Bank of America Account

There is substantial speculation that Bank of America will be WikiLeaks’ next target.

At the Hack in the Box Conference in 2009, Julian Assange claimed to be in possession of a top executive’s hard drive.

But there is little reason to wait for the contents to be leaked.

Bank of America’s history of fraud and ethical misconduct are already well documented in the news.

Here are four reasons why leaving Bank of America should be your New Year’s resolution.

1. WikiLeaks:

On Friday, Bank of America joined PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard in blocking donations to WikiLeaks, reports David Murphy of PC Mag. This should come as no surprise.

In a November 11th interview with Forbes journalist Andy Greenberg, Assange announced his plans for a “megaleak” early in 2011 that will target a “major American bank.”

He stated, “It will give a true and representative insight into how banks behave at the executive level in a way that will stimulate investigations and reforms, I presume,” adding, “For this, there’s only one similar example. It’s like the Enron emails.”

A self-proclaimed fan of American Libertarianism, Assange commented that WikiLeaks can potentially impact executive behavior in the private sector. “WikiLeaks means it’s easier to run a good business and harder to run a bad business, and all CEOs should be encouraged by this,” he stated.

This may be true, but it provides a terrifying scenario for companies guilty of illegal or unethical business practices.

A spokesperson from Bank of America stated, “The decision [to block WikiLeaks’ transactions] is based upon our reasonable belief that WikiLeaks may be engaged in activities that are, among other things, inconsistent with our internal policies for processing payments.”

2. Blackwater:

Apparently financing the sale of the mercenary army, Blackwater (now Xe) is consistent with “internal policies for processing payments.”

Blackwater’s founder Erik Prince is selling the company to a group of Los Angeles financiers, reported the “New York Times,” and sources say that Bank of America will be bankrolling the deal.

Blackwater’s crimes include the murder of 17 Iraqi civilians in Nisour Square, Baghdad in 2007, allegations of falsifying paperwork to give a firearms gift to the king of Jordan, purportedly paying a businessman in Iraq to buy black-market steroids for Blackwater operatives, and trying to bill the U.S. government for prostitutes for hard-partying operatives in Afghanistan, as well as strippers in New Orleans in Katrina’s aftermath.

Jeremy Scahill’s blog for “The Nation,” documents all of this and much more, including testimony of Blackwater operatives spraying buildings that housed Iraqi civilians with AK-47s from the windows of drug-fueled parties.

The company, which generates 90% of its revenues from the U.S. government, has over ten years of documented illegal activity hanging over its head and is bearing numerous civil lawsuits.

Bank of America’s involvement in the $200 million sale of Blackwater is shameful, although not surprising, and should provide a reason to move your funds to another bank.

3. Fraud:

On December 7th, Ronald D. Orlo of MarketWatch reported that Bank of America admitted to fraud in the municipal bond derivatives market and will pay $137.3 million in damages. This story was covered in business sections, but made surprisingly few headlines.

“The conduct was egregious — in return for business, the company repeatedly paid undisclosed gratuitous payments and kickbacks and affirmatively misrepresented that the bidding process was proper,” said SEC director of enforcement Robert Khuzami.

“According to the agency, in some cases these bidding agents gave Bank of America Securities information on competing bids, helping the financial institution win the transactions. The agency charged that Bank of America rewarded these bidding agents with payments and kickbacks.

The SEC reports that the bidding process generally was not competitive because it was ‘tainted by undisclosed consultations, agreements or payments.’”

The Department of Justice stated that Bank of America “self-reported” the fraud, an act which usually results in a more lenient settlement.

4. Arizona/Nevada Lawsuit:

Arizona and Nevada are suing Bank of America on charges of misleading customers in loan-modification, reports the “Los Angeles Times.”

On Friday, Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard filed a lawsuit against Bank of America for “failing to implement anti-foreclosure measurements it promised in 2009.”

“Bank of America has been the slowest of all the servicers to ramp up loss mitigation efforts in response to the housing crisis,” he said. “It has shown callous disregard for the devastating effects its servicing practices have had on individual borrowers and on the economy as a whole.”

Within hours of Goddard’s complaint, Nevada’s Attorney General, Catherine Cortez Masto filed a similar complaint, stating the bank lied to customers.

“We are holding Bank of America accountable for misleading and deceiving consumers,” said Masto. “Nevadans who were trying desperately to save their homes were unable to get truthful information in order to make critical life decisions.”

“Goddard said Bank of America failed to provide justifications for denials of modifications, misled borrowers into thinking they had to miss payments to obtain modifications, and initiated foreclosure proceedings while trial loan modifications were in place — all in violation of its settlement with the state last year.”

There is often little that individual citizens can do to protest bad behavior of giant corporations. But seeing as how Bank of America received $45 billion in taxpayer-supported government bailout funds over the past two years, their recent conduct involving WikiLeaks transactions, financing the sale of Blackwater, fraud in the municipal bond market, and abuse of loan-holders in Nevada and Arizona is enough reason to exercise your dollar votes by choosing a different bank.


In short, the video bellow requests that we write “You are anonymous” on federal reserve notes so that “the system” will go to work for us. That’s a brilliant tactic and very compatible with the principles of open source insurgency. The video of Clinton and Obama calling for the very things WikiLeaks is giving them is just icing on the cake.

Julian Assange and Wikileaks have only served as catalysts for a revolution that has been long overdue, a revolution in which the people of the world stand up and remind the governments of the world that their responsability is to the people, the people’s responsability is not to them… LET’S SPREAD THE WORD!

In the aftermath here it came;

Operation Leakspin

Operation Leakspin was conceived by the Anonymous group, with the purpose of sorting through recent WikiLeaks releases and raise awareness of potentially important and previously overlooked cables.

As with all actions by Anonymous, it has arisen in an ad-hoc fashion and holds neither a centralized leadership nor an enforceable command structure.

Due to the decentralized nature of the project, several independent websites are participating in the effort. It is not clear how much co-ordination, if any, exists between these sites. A list follows:

– Cable Wiki; Meant to serve as a wiki for the translation of cables to multiple languages, together with additional analysis of the cables.

– Sinde Gate; local group providing translations and explanations of cables related to the scandal “Wikileaks cables reveal that the US wrote Spain’s proposed copyright law”.  “Sinde Gate” is named after the name of the responsible Spanish minister.

– Operation Leakspin Quality Control; a forum for quality control on the translation/analysis of the cables.

– Operation Leakspin Blog; a blog informing about the operation Leakspin.

– Operation AnonPress; An operation dedicated to pushing the US Embassy Cables further into the public domain.

All previous operations naturally lead Anonymous to the path of the Arab Revolutions and on to;

#Operation Tunisia

Operation Tunisia was an operation by internet group Anonymous during the Tunisian revolution. The group supports freedom of information, regardless of circumstance and were taking steps to help the Tunisians achieve this.


In their traditional manner; Anonymous launched a series of DDoS attacks against government website, reportedly over 9000 people participated in the DDoS attacks Additionally, Anonymous provided protesters with documents required to take down the incumbent government as well as methods of circumventing government censorship via proxies. The providing of information was considered by some a part of previous Operation Leakspin.

Websites run by the Tunisian government have been successfully targeted by Operation: Tunisia, a cell within Anonymous’ Operation Payback, in a distributed denial of service  action, which dropped image and message on several government sites before the Anon-fueled DDoS knocked them offline.

The message from Anonymous is to the point:

The Tunisian government wants to control the  present with falsehoods and misinformation in order to impose the future  by keeping the truth hidden from its citizens. We will not remain  silent while this happens. Anonymous has heard the claim for freedom of  the Tunisian people. Anonymous is willing to help the Tunisian people in  this fight against oppression. It will be done.

This is a warning to the Tunisian government… It’s on the hands of  the Tunisian government to stop this situation. Free the net, and  attacks will cease, keep on that attitude and this will just be the  beginning.

The sites affected include:,,,,,,, and

At first Anonymous posted a video on Youtube declaring their intentions. Once the DDoS attacks were commenced,  it wasn’t long before the top five government websites in Tunisia were knocked offline for a substantial amount of time, but this was a relatively small achievement compared with the tools and knowledge that Anonymous supplied the protesters, arguably giving them the ability to topple the government.

You can still get the most recent care package released by anonymous. Contains first aid, printable Fawkes mask, etc. Use this wisely.
– Torrent Download:

And at the end Ben Ali was…

Attack on Fine Gael website

The website for the Irish political party Fine Gael, a centre right party and currently the Republic of Ireland’s largest opposition party at that time, was hacked by Anonymous according to The site was replaced with a page showing the Anonymous logo along with the words “Nothing is safe, you put your faith in this political party and they take no measures to protect you. They offer you free speech yet they censor your voice. WAKE UP! <owned by Raepsauce and Palladium>”. Up to 2,000 people’s personal details were compromised in the attack by the hackers, known as Anonymous, Fine Gael said.

This hack is still involved in controversial information…  Maybe YOU can explained… LUTZ

Operation Algeria

 The first indications of a national uprising in Tunisia came when Anonymous activists began organising protests, using the net as their primary communications vehicle.

Algeria, another North African Maghreb state, is the next target as Anonymous online hacktivists demand to see the right to freedom of speech respected, and a democratic government installed.

Anonymous Press Release: A Warning Message to the Algerian Government

Operation Payback (is a bitch), this is the Internet, we run this. An open message from Anonymous to the governments of the world and their legal leeches regarding the motivation of the cyber protests against ACTA lawyers and those who threaten freedom of speech online.

Corrupt governments of the world, we are anonymous. For some time now, voices have been crying out in unison against the new ACTA laws. The gross inadequacies of the new laws being passed internationally have been pointed out repeatedly. Our chief complaint is that such measures would restrict people’s access to the internet.

In these modern times access to the internet is fast becoming a basic human right. Just like any other basic human right, we believe that it is wrong to infringe upon it. To threaten to cut people off from the global consciousness as you have is criminal and abhorrent. To move to censor content on the internet based on your own prejudice is at best laughably impossible, at worst, morally reprehensible.

The unjust restrictions you impose on us will meet with disaster and only strengthen our resolve to disobey and rebel against your tyranny. Such actions taken against you, and those you out source your malignant litigation too, are inevitable, unavoidable and unstoppable.

A Letter from Anonymous – Our Message, Intentions, and Potential Targe

“Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.”
– Abraham Lincoln

“He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither.”
– Benjamin Franklin

Hello World. We are Anonymous. What you do or do not know about us is irrelevant. We have decided to write to you, the media, and all citizens of the free world at large to inform you of the message, our intentions, potential targets, and our ongoing peaceful campaign for freedom.

“True, This! —
Beneath the rule of men entirely great,
The pen is mightier than the sword. Behold
The arch-enchanters wand! — itself a nothing! —
But taking sorcery from the master-hand
To paralyse the Cæsars, and to strike
The loud earth breathless! — Take away the sword —
States can be saved without it!”

– The Cardinal
Richelieu; Or the Conspiracy by: Edward Bulwer-Lytton

The message is simple: Freedom of Speech. Anonymous is peacefully campaigning for Freedom of Speech everywhere in all forms. Freedom of Speech for: The Internet, for journalism and journalists, and citizens of the world at large. Regardless of what you think or have to say; Anonymous is campaigning for you.
The recent news of our campaigns has been, at best, misinformed. Anonymous is not always the same group of people. The Constitution of the United States is said to be a living document, because it can be edited, amended; changed at the will of the people to suit the peoples’ needs. In that same vein, Anonymous is a living idea. Anonymous is an idea that can be edited, updated, remanded, changed on a whim. We are living consciousness. We are not a terrorist organization as governments, demagogues, and the media would have you believe. At this time Anonymous is a consciousness focused on campaigning peacefully for Freedom of Speech. We ask the world to support us, not for our sake, but for your own. When governments control freedom they control you. The Internet is the last bastion of freedom in this evolving technical world. The Internet is capable of connecting us all. When we are connected we are strong. When we are strong we have power. When we have power we are able to do the impossible. This is why the government is moving on Wikileaks. This is what they fear. They fear our power when we unite. Do not forget this.

“…Now, we must all fear evil men. But there is another kind of evil which we must fear most, and that is the indifference of good men.”
– Monsignor, Boondock Saints

Anonymous’ intentions are very clear. We are not vigilantes, regardless of the sentiment of quoting Boondock Saints, we are people on a campaign for freedom. Anonymous’ intentions are to change the current way the governments of the world and the people view true Freedom of Speech and The Internet. Anonymous is willing, ready, and able to campaign for the freedom for all. We are campaigning right now as you read the news, watch the television, fight with your
significant other, love your children, hate your neighbor, criticize the man or woman next to you. We are campaigning. The goal is simple: Win the right to keep the Internet free of any control from any entity, corporation, or government. We will do this until our, proverbial, dying breath. We do this not only for our selves, but for the world and its people at large.

“Truth is treason in the empire of lies.”
– Ron Paul

Pay attention citizens, governments, and the world. Anonymous’ peaceful campaign will focus on any organization, corporation, government, or entity until the Internet is truly free.
Anonymous is doing what many successful campaigns have done in the past; a sit-in. It may be hard to comprehend, but a digital sit-in is our most effective method to show that all of us deserve Freedom of Speech and a free Internet. Our methods may appear, on the outside, to be cruel to those the entities that we are campaigning against, but remember buy supporting censorship they are denying everyone a basic human right. Any person, corporation, government, or miscellaneous entity that stops supporting censorship and starts promoting Freedom of Speech and a free Internet will become our allies. Anonymous, at this time, wants to persuade our counterparts rather than hurt them. We are campaigning for freedom for everyone, even the opposing side.
Do not fear us. Anonymous’ campaign does not intend to harm the individual citizen, any organizations, any websites, or government, that supports true freedom of speech. Anonymous’ past is not our present. We are here for all of you; to campaign for all of you. Where others have made this promise and failed; we make this promise and aim to keep it for everyone.
Anything attributed, credited, or tagged to Anonymous is not always what we do. We arenot always the same consciousness on a yearly, monthly, or even hourly basis. Do not believe everything you hear or read on the news. Anonymous is often credited with actions that are not campaigned for by Anonymous. The true core of Anonymous is here to help the free world for now. Anonymous wishes to represent the truth and ask that you as a citizen, media organization, or government do the same.

Operation Egypt

Operation Egypt was participation by internet hacktivist group Anonymous during the 2011 Egyptian revolution on an attempt to bring the Egyptians freedom of speech.

– Background

Anonymous had just completed their very successful Operation Tunisia in which the group successively provided Tunisians the tools needed to oust their leader, as well as attacking government websites, and at the end contribute to the final victory against a brutal dictator, and here it goes again, another country, other people ready to sacrifice on the path to freedom.

In their usual manner, Anonymous posted a video to Youtube declaring their intentions before beginning their operations.


Like in Tunisia, Anonymous did provide the Egyptians with resources to circumvent government censorship but in a smaller scale, mainly launched DDoS attacks against Egyptian government websites.

The websites of Egypt’s Ministry of Information and President Hosni Mubarak’s National Democratic Party were knocked offline by Anonymous in support of protesters calling for Mubarak’s ouster during the Egyptian Revolution of 2011 . All top government sites were taken offline by the attacks with relative ease and they remained offline until Hosni Mubarak stepped down.

THE TEN PILLARS OF FREE SPEECHan Anonymous User’s Manual

1. FREE SPEECH IS AT THE VERY TOP OF YOUR WISH LIST. Free Speech is the most fundamental of your fundamental rights. Once you lose it, you won’t have the means to complain when politicians come back and destroy your wealth, your health, your soul, your ideals, your hopes, your projects, your whole life. Free Speech is the freedom that protects all freedoms.

2. FREE SPEECH IS ALL OR NOTHING. Free speech is not negotiable. You cannot decide what others are allowed to say, because others cannot decide what you’re allowed to say. Free Speech is a reciprocity : even if you hate what I say, and even I hate what you say, you guarantee my freedom and I guarantee yours. We don’t have to agree with each other, except on that point : we have the right to disagree with each other.

3. IF YOU CANNOT SAY WHAT YOU THINK, YOU CANNOT BE WHAT YOU ARE. Your opinions are not concepts : they are the way you react to the world and take a chance to change it. When you are fully censored, your deepest thoughts, emotions, hopes, ideals, react like flowers without sun : they slowly die. This vicious process endangers the true meaning of your existence, and you progressively lose your own identity. Free Speech is the fresh air that makes your very own self breathe.

4. FREE SPEECH IS THE THING THAT DICTATORS HATE THE MOST. Some of them will allow you to run a big business, or to travel abroad, but they’ll never accept the fact that you have independent thoughts, critical opinions and dissenting ideas. Every time you fight for Free Speech, you disturb those motherfuckers. And that’s a pretty moral thing to do.

5. FREE SPEECH IS THE ULTIMATE SIGN OF DEMOCRACY. If you’re not allowed to sing, then the choir falls apart. Your very own Free Speech is the sword, the shield and the flag of democracy. That’s why, definitely, the future of democracy asks you to be as vocal as you can be, as frequently as possible. The trap of international censorship is desperately trying to swallow the Internet : make it spit freedom back out right now.

6. FREE SPEECH IS ALIVE ON THE INTERNET. No media in history of man is more independent than the Internet. It’s a fantastic victory for freedom. Well… it was. If censorship wins the war, Free Speech will be put in its death-bed, if not killed outright. We don’t like that idea.

7. FREE SPEECH IS BEAUTIFUL. For freedom is the most beautiful ideal and the greatest cause you will ever find. If you do not understand that point, maybe you should better work for Bank Of America, or run a dictatorship.

8. FREE SPEECH NEEDS YOUR COURAGE. Fighting for freedom has never been an easy game, and it never will be. You have to be strong, organized, mobilized and optimistic. Show your values, show your virtues, show your guts, for God’s sake (or whatever you believe in)!

9. IF YOU DON’T DO IT FOR YOUR OWN FREEDOM, DO IT FOR THE LULZ. The fight for freedom is exciting. With Anonymous, this excitement induces lots of lulz, which is excellent for your psychological health. Enjoy it to the max : dictators hate it when people laugh at them. And if you don’t do it for the fun, do it because most human beings live under censorship – and you’re next on the list, my dear Anon friend.

10. FREE SPEECH ON THE INTERNET IS HERE TO STAY. We will never surrender. We are legion. We are one. We are you. You are Anonymous. Welcome.

To be continued… Expect us

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